Skillard Datsun S30 Door Cards

$280.00 $233.00

This custom aluminum panel replaces the door panels on the 1970-73 240Z, 1974 260Z and 1975 through 1978 280Z. It is made from .040" aluminum, and has an emboss to make it easier to open the handles. It is also formed to wrap over the top of the door and accepts the included adhesive baked fuzzy trim that the glass contacts. 

It also includes rubber well nuts that allows easy installation without any drilling or cutting, as well as limiting vibration noise by creating a small rubber barrier between the door card and the door. The rest if the installation hardware is also included and the factory window crank and pull handle can be retained. 

The armrest can be installed or left off. 

These cards weigh in at 3 lbs each.


*** Price is per pair ***

*** All warranty and Exchanges are completed through manufacturer ***

*** Item may take 3 to 4 weeks to ship depending on availability ***

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