Nissan Scale Suspension System

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The INNOVATIVE SERIES is the best choice to keep the comfort on a car driven every day. You can lower the ride height of your vehicle without affecting the travel of the suspension. Moreover, you can easily adjust the damping force to increase the performance of the suspension in order to deal with different road types and conditions. This suspension system provides performance without sacrificing comfort; it provides everything you need to enjoy driving your car in the street and on the track.


  • 12 Level adjustable damping
  • Exclusive measurement system
  • Monotube design
  • Molybdenum* rod
  • Adjustable ride-height -0.5” to -4.5”
  • Separate ride-height and spring pre-load
  • Forged aluminum parts
  • Anodized & powder coated finish
  • Custom spring rate
  • Affordable
  • Short cartridge for lower application
  • Fully adjustable
  • Street or racing use


Our patented technology scaled system is designed for an easier installation and to ensure equal height on each corner.

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