FD3S RX-7 Spec-GT Aero Kit

$1,685.00 $1,510.00

FD3S RX-7 Spec-GT Full Aero

Here we have some of the best fitting and looking body kit for the FD3S 1993 to 1995 RX7, built out of high strength FRP this product fits amazing and looks even better.

  • FD3S Rx7 Type-FIIR (FEED Style) Front Aero Bumper.
  • FD3S Rx7 Spec-GT (FEED Style) Front Fenders (25mm wide)
  • FD3S Rx7 Spec-GT (FEED Style) Rear Fenders (25mm wide)
Additional Items for purchase in the drop down menu
  • 4-Piece Canard Set for Type-FIIR Bumper (Can be slightly modified to fit 99-spec OEM Bumpers as well.)
  • FD3S Rx7 Spec-GT (FEED Style) Bumper Protectors.
  • FD3S Rx7 Spec-GT (FEED Style) Sidesteps/Sideskirts.

This is a custom kit so please call us for availability and shipping wait time.

** Price is for the entire body kit without rear bottom diffuser, for individual parts please call us at 321-363-4594 to order **

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